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Clipper Biscayne Cove Condominiums

18151 NE 31st St, Aventura, Florida

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There are luxurious Bay View and City buildings located in the area known as . You can see all of the new construction along with existing gorgeous hotels that will give you the sense that there is no end in sight to the excitement you will have while living here. New businesses and families are moving to this vibrant place to live. The weather here is always nice, the sun is always bright and people just seems to always be in a good mood.

At the center of , you'll find a great variety of restaurants and boutiques. We are current with our listings and you can see all of our amenities, floor plans, and read about how is going to be your next home. You get the feeling you are in a big metropolis with what the city has to offer, but you can also decide to take a vacation just in your back yard on , only 5 minutes away by car. The secure garage make owning a vehicle in the city hassle-free. To the north, an endless look at the city, to the south, a look at the Bay that you’ll get to see everyday. An environmentally conscious condo building that embraces green living to include the comfort of many amenities and modern design.